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41. [November the 28th, 2005 - 11:54 AM]
[ mood | I Don't Wanna Go To Class! ]

Is This Really Called For?

Okay psycho why don't you judge where it is needed. Maybe you need to go to a clinic and get some help because as far as I have heard you are a fucking psychotic. Lets talk about your fucking smart step father who was going to have the fucking mafia after Sam. But you want to judge. Sams dad is the best person in the world but you would never know that that because your family is so fucked up. Don't take it out on her dad because your mom could give a fuck less about you and your dad is a fucking alcholic. You want to talk shit bring it on because I can talk shit and follow it up with attitude. Don't make me drive my ass to New Jersey because I will. You don't know shit about this family so don't pretend that you do. And by the way maybe you should be more concerned about what your little girlfriend is saying about you instead of worrying about what her daddy is doing. If your fucking brave enough respond back to this you fucking fat whore.

Hearsay is a bitch. I don't have a stepfather, and nobody was going to have the mafia after Sam. Sam's dad is the best person in the world and I wouldn't know that because my family is so fucked up? What does one have to do with the other, genius? And yeah - he seems like a swell guy... a child molester, a drug addict, an abusive husband/father who was absent from the lives of his kids for most of the time, a pathological liar, a selfish and greedy person who calls himself a man while not contributing to help his kids (except for one of them, because let's not forget that he plays favorites)... I mean shall I continue? I would still have the same opinion of him whether my father was an angel or the devil himself, so my family has absolutely nothing to do with perception of anything.

And who are YOU to judge MY family? You're saying my mom doesn't give a fuck about me? My mom has given me everything I ever wanted/needed. I never went without health insurance or any other necesseties because she made sure that she was always able to provide for her family. Luckily she raised me right, because ya know what, my dad ISN'T the epitome of a great person/father. But thanks to my mom I am headed in the right direction in life unlike the kids in your family apparently. I'm not in financial debt at 18, I'm not some kind of whore who likes having fists shoved up my twat, I'm not reduced to bringing soda cans for dimes like the neighborhood bums/alcoholics who hound the street looking for people's trash because they're poor and can't get decent work, I'm not getting myself into any trouble with the law or otherwise... I mean even "the good one" Patty is going to have problems growing up because she's such a spoiled brat who could never do anything on her own. So don't judge my family or how I was raised.

No family is perfect, but at least the people in my family are upstanding and mature, and wouldn't bother commenting in someone's LiveJournal simply because they got offended. They are way too classy for that, and they know that in the long run, you are completely insignificant. Having a bad father says nothing about who *I* am, and you nor anyone in your fucked up family knows anything about ME let alone my mother/family. I never talked shit about anyone, and believe me - I don't doubt that you can follow it up with attitude. That's all you people seem to be good at: attitude. But actions speak louder than words, and you're the immature one who brought all of this up for no reason. I'm assuming you're in your 20s with a kid, and you're acting 13. I feel sorry for the child that you're raising.

And furthermore, I would love nothing more for you to drive down to New Jersey. What are you gonna do once you're here? Kick my ass? LoL - you don't even know where I live, asshole. And even if you did, you wouldn't be able to get into the fucking building. I doubt you're smart enough to stalk me, and I'd even go so far to say as you probably CAN'T kick my ass. If I'm such a "fat whore" then obviously beating me is going to be tough, don't you think? Keep in mind I'm not Sam... I don't let people push me around without fighting back. And speaking of me being a fat whore, do I know you? Do you know me? The only UNfat person in Sam's family is Sam, Patty and her dad. Patty and Sam are athletes and her dad's a coke head - of course he's going to be skinny. But hey, when you point that finger, you have THREE pointing back at you. And keep in mind that anyone could lose weight (even you, which you should probably think about doing if you wanna keep your husband) but being flat out UGLY is hard to shake. Sorry about that. Good luck though! You probably have a better shot living happily in Michigan because there are apparently a ton of ugly people there, so I'm sure you fit right in.

And oh yeah, as far as being "brave" enough to respond back to this, apparently I am. I have to lower my IQ to your level and go back to LiveJournal wars like a fucking 7th grader because that's how you pepole operate. Well here I am! And I wouldn't be so quick to call your own pathetic self "brave" when you left an ANONYMOUS comment you fucking idiot. And by the way, I am well aware of the things that Sam says about me, but do you know what she says about you? Think about it - she must have a pretty high opinion of me if she was willing to leave you and move across the country for me, so apparently she doesn't think as low of me as you do, and newsflash: her opinion is the one that matters, so keep yours to yourself - thanks! I know she messes up sometimes... what can I say - she's a Groh - so sometimes that dumb side of her comes out... but I know she's above that. So I love her anyway.

Ps. The only reason I posted this publicly in my journal is because Sam told me it was ok. I would never disrespect her by saying all this shit without talking to her about it first, because I actually CARE about her and wouldn't wanna hurt her in any way by saying mean things about someone she loves... unlike YOU. And don't bother trying to respond... just go collect cans or something you fucking ugly pathetic hobo.

Comment To Be Added [September the 1st, 2005 - 3:37 PM]
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